Young Buck To Sign With Grand Hustle? T.I. Addresses The Rumors

Rumors have been circulating the net over the past weeks that T.I. is interested in signing Young Buck to his Grand Hustle label. Earlier this year, 50 Cent booted Young Buck from G-Unit after the Memphis bred rapper began distancing himself from the crew and claiming in various interviews that he hadn’t been paid by for his work.

T.I. addressed the rumor of signing Young Buck to MTV recently saying that he would be interested to sign the former G-Unit rapper to his label but they haven't had any negotiations.

"Buck is a personal partner of mine," T.I. said. "We've spoken, about a month or two ago, but we didn't iron out no particulars. I would definitely be willing to speak to Buck about that, but I haven't."

Despite Buck not being with the G-Unit crew as a performer, he is still under contract to release albums under the G-Unit imprint. For Buck to join Grand Hustle, T.I. would have to buy out Buck’s contract from 50 Cent.

"That's why I would have to speak to Buck first,” explained T.I. "I haven't even begun to deliberate. I haven't even started the conversation with, 'What would it take to get you over here.' That's just the conversation that's been floating around the rumor mill. When I spoke to him, it was more, 'Hey, how you doing?' speaking as partners. We didn't speak professionally. Just him making sure I was all right. Him asking me how I'm feeling, me asking the same of him.

T.I. also has his eyes set on signing fellow Atlanta rapper Killer Mike.

"I have been speaking to [Killer Mike] about connecting and moving forward professionally together," T.I. said. "Mike is an outstanding lyricist and phenomenal talent and very intelligent individual. We get along very well. Always have. It's a real organic fit."

If Young Buck and Killer Mike sign to Grand Hustle they will be joining a roster that includes 8Ball & MJG, Young Dro and B.O.B., among others.