Akon's Harassment Case Postponed, Singer Drops New Album

Akon's minor endangerment and second degree harassment case was postponed by a Fishkill judge today (December 1). As previously reported, during a concert at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill in June 2007, 15-year-old Anthony Smith threw an object at Akon while he was onstage and the singer asked the crowd to point him out.

A security guard would drag the teenager to the stage and Akon would pick him up and throw him back into the crowd.

According to The Times Herald-Record, the case was postponed until December 17th.

On that date, it will be determined whether or not a trial will take place or if matters can be resolved without a trial.

Akon has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

In related news, Akon will be releasing his third solo album titled Freedom tomorrow (December 2). The album features appearances from Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and T-Pain, among others.