T.I. Testifies In Murder Trial, 'All Of Those Rounds Were Fired For Me'

Atlanta rapper T.I. took the stand in a Cincinnati courtroom today (November 21) to testify about the 2006 shooting that resulted in the death of his friend and personal assistant, Philant Johnson.

As reported earlier, Hosea Thomas is accused of  firing shots at a van carrying T.I. and his entourage on a Cincinnati highway and killing Johnson.

According to The Associated Press, T.I. told the courtroom Friday that he took cover when the van was shot at. He also said that he believed the shots fired at the van were meant for him.

"All of those rounds were fired for me, in my opinion," T.I. testified.

T.I. also described the aftermath of the shooting saying he remembered seeing Johnson lying lifeless with blood running down his face due to a gunshot wound to his left temple.

Hosea's brother, Pardon,will not be facing prison time for his role in Johnson's murder after testifying against his sibling. Pardon drove the car that chased the van carrying T.I. and his entourage.