50 Cent Knocks Oprah

ImageHe’s about the only person left in the world with the courage to say something bad about the media queen.

Oprah Winfrey’s acquired herself a new adversary, and he’s a lot tougher than James Frey.

50 Cent has been sounding off about Oprah’s tendency lately to talk negatively about the influence of rappers on children and society. Fellow rapper Ludacris recently complained that during a show about racism centered around his film Crash, she edited out comments that he made and put in her own instead. 50 Cent followed that up, complaining that Oprah hardly ever features rappers on her show.

In a recent interview with the associated press, 50 commented, “I think she caters to older white women. Oprah's audience is my audience's parents. So, I couldn’t care less about Oprah or her show.” He then added that a feud with Oprah might lend him credibility in his no holds barred, gangsta rap image. “I’m actually better off having friction with her,” he said.

You wouldn’t think a guy who’s been shot nine times needs a feud with Oprah to give him street cred, but hey, that’s the biz.

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