50 Cent To Produce Jam Master Jay Doc

50 Cent will be serving as the executive producer of an upcoming documentary which chronicles the life of RUN DMC's Jam Master Jay. According to MTV, the documentary is titled Two Turntables and a Microphone and features interviews with various people who were close to Jam Master Jay including 50 Cent, Onyx, Rev Run and Russell Simmons.

Jam Master Jay played a major part in the early stages of 50 Cent's career.  He was shot to death in his Queens studio in 2002 and his murder has not been solved.

“It's not a random act of violence.  People just don't walk in your studio, shoot and kill you with several other people around, and no one knows anything,”  50 Cent said.  “I believe the documentary sheds light on it - a little bit.  It creates a clearer picture of what actually happened at that point.  People just heard, 'Jam Master Jay got shot.’  They don't understand the circumstances.  (The film) creates some clarity.”

A release date for the documentary was not revealed.