Restraining Order Issued Against Lyfe Jennings

An Atlanta judge has issued a temporary restraining order against R&B singer Lyfe Jennings for threatening his ex-girlfriend Joy Bounds. Earlier this week, Jennings was arrested on various charges for allegedly storming into an Atlanta home looking for Bounds and firing a gun in the street.

Jennings would try to run from police who arrived at the scene but the singer crashed and sustained minor injuries.  He also refused to take a sobriety test.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bounds was granted the restraining order on Wednesday (October 22). Bounds requested the restraining order claiming that Jennings had repeatedly threatened her.

Bounds also claimed Jennings trashed most of her clothes and shoes, turned her electricity off and threatened to kill her male friend. She also said that the singer threatened to report a car she was driving was stolen.

“He has told me that if he can’t have me, nobody can,” Bounds said a court document.

The restraining order prohibits Jennings from having any contact with or coming within 200 yards of Bounds or their two children.  Jenning s was also ordered to pay $5000 in child support to Bounds and give her various pieces of furniture.

Jennings and Bounds are expected to appear in court on November 6th to determine if the restrictions should remain.

Jennings is out on $50,000 bail and has not commented on the arrest or the restraining order.