Lil' Kim Claims Wrong Number, Denies Cell Phone Rumors

ImageRepresentatives for Lil' Kim released a statement today (May 1) on her behalf, quieting rumors that a visitor to Philadelphia's Federal Detention Center was recently discovered attempting to smuggle a cell phone to the jailed MC.

According to some reports, for nearly two weeks half of the female population at the FDC has been under restrictions. It has been speculated that the recent restrictions were imposed after a visitor was discovered attempting to smuggle in a cell phone to a female inmate. Lil Kim is currently serving out a sentence at the facility for perjury , but representatives for the incarcerated rapper refute any connection between her and the current state of affairs at the jail.

"The rumors about Kim having a cell phone snuck into the prison for her use are completely false," Tracy Nguyen, spokeswoman for Lil' Kim said via statement. "While her unit, with over half of the female population in the detention center is currently on lockdown, the reasons for the lockdown have absolutely nothing to do with Kim. She has been a model inmate while serving her time and looks forward to her release.

Lil' Kim was sentenced to 366 days jail time at the Federal Detention Center, but based on good behavior, she may be out as early as July. This spring BET featured the petite rapper in a 6 episode reality series, "Lil Kim: Countdown to Lockdown" based on her final days of freedom before reporting to jail.

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