Bun B - Trill

 UGK’s career has had its share of ups and downs. Starting with their first major label release Too Hard To Swallow to their last collective effort, Dirty Money, UGK was held back due to the lack of respect from their label and rap fans outside of the South. It took a New York nigga to bring these boys out-to the mainstream that is. Not until Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin,” did Bun B and Pimp C get a taste of commercial success. When Pimp C was sent to prison, Bun B was left alone to carry on the legacy UGK has set for H-Town. In the process, Bun B took the industry by storm by being King Cameo in the ‘05. With his first solo release Trill (Asylum/Rap-A-Lot), Bun shows why every rapper in the industry had him on their wish list when it came to like up their features.
Starting off strong, Bun B introduces Trill with Presidential style on the intro track “The Inauguration.” The military drums and royal horns makes for a perfect instrumental as Bun B speeds up his southern drawl to let listeners know why George Bush isn’t the only head of state out of Texas. The Carnival Beats produced “Draped Up,” is an eerie sounding track that gives off a horror flick feel, as Bun B reps for his Texas boys, who chuck the deuce, rock grills and get throwed. While on the subject, standout song “Get Throwed,” packs a mean rock & roll guitar riff for all-stars Jay-Z, Pimp C, Young Jeezy and Z-Ro to join Bun B in an all out rhyme fest. Everyone brings their best for the track and it shows the amount potential pseudo up and comers Young Jeezy and Z-Ro have, as the “Big Pimpin,” alum kick their hall of fame flows.

Skippable tracks “Bun” and “What I Represent” do little to slow down the enjoyment of Trill (Asylum/Rap-A-Lot). “Bun” is a bland call and response track that sounds forced with its nursery hook and trite production. The Mannie Fresh produced “What I Represent” does not compare to the quality of the tracks that the album can do without.

The amount of respect Bun B gets is undeniable as he is blessed to have features from greats like ScarFace, Jay-Z, and Too Short, which actually help maintain the album’s flow. Excellently holding his first album for self, his great lyrics and superb beats will leave listeners looking forward to UGK’s reunion ride.