50 Cent Loves Fat Kids, Doesn't Want Them Eating Cake

Image50 Cent has signed on as spokesperson and judge in a cooking competition for high school students sponsored by Glaceau, makers of Vitamin Water.

The competition hopes to help prevent childhood obesity by changing high school students eating habits for the better. The contest is open to student chefs in cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle who will compete for the most "nutrient rich" cafeteria lunch recipe. The contest winner will earn a $100,000 college scholarship.

While 50 is well renowned for his excellent physique, he admits that he hasn't always been the model of health. "I had all of the unhealthy habits," 50 admitted via a statement. "Soda...a lot of fast food, all of those things."

Today he's a changed man, one who exercises and eats right. In addition to sponsoring and judging the Glaceau competition, last year the rapper bought a share of Glaceau Vitamin Water and created his own drink, a low calorie grape flavored Vitamin Water called Formula 50.

In related news, 50 recently signed on to star alongside Nicholas Cage in a boxing film titled The Dance.

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