Jim Jones Says T.I., Kanye & Jay-Z Lack Swag, Crafts Song Titled 'Jacking Swagger From Us'

Jim Jones has confirmed rumors that he is recording his own version of “Swagger Like Us” titled “Jacking Swagger From Us” which features Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana. Jones confirmed the rumor to Complex Magazine Friday (October 3) saying that he didn't appreciate “Swagger Like Us” because he feels he has had a bigger impact in rap fashion over the past years compared to T.I., Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Jones would also accuse Jay-Z and other rappers for stealing his look.

“Look at the Vibe cover.  Tell me who Jay-Z looks like in there?  Did you see the picture of him?  With the Louis Vuitton scarf and all that.  Who did that resemble?  You can say it,” said Jones.  “But he did it wrong; he had a Gucci belt with a Louis Vuitton scarf.  Who does that?  You smell me?  That’s like wearing one Nike and one Puma; how you going to get away with that?  But I didn’t take the song as a shot, because I don’t feel like none [besides Weezy] of them possess any swag.”

“It's fabricated.  They’re watching other people, and then they try and do it,” Jones continued.  “You know people that dress like T.I.?  You know people that go out and say let me get a T.I. outfit or do you know people who say “yo, you’re looking like Jim Jones?”  Which one?  Lemme hear it!”

“When the bitches want to fuck you and the niggas want be like you, who got the swag?  Niggas with money and fame always going to look like they doing something ’cause they got the camera in front of them.  But the cool dudes always stick out no matter where they at,” Jones stressed.

“People know who set the precedent as far as fashion in this industry and people know who damn near changed the world as far as fashion,” Jones added.  “You look at people; they went from the urban world of clothing, back when Rocawear and Sean John was cool.  And then in the past 5 years I stepped in and gave them a taste of what rock and roll looks like from my side.  I guess people would say from an urban side, and it seemed to catch on like wildfire, to the point that people was going to stores and asking for that Jim Jones look.”

Jones revealed that “Jackin’ Swagger From Us” will feature a new beat supplied by Chink Santana but will feature the same hook used in “Swagger Like Us”.

“Me and Juelz had Chink do our own beat, I have Weezy’s verse in my inbox right now and we kept the hook of that song because it was a sample.”  Jones explained.  “So we’re going to put that as a bonus track on the album, and put it to the streets. “No one on the corner got swag like you we don’t Rocawear that’s for fags like you.  [Laughs]”