T.I. Plans Non-Fiction Books, Autobiographical Film

Atlanta bred rapper T.I. recently revealed that he is planning to release a line of non-fiction books. T.I. divulged to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that one of the many books that he plans to release will be an autobiography which he will later turn into a film.

"We'’re working on it now," T.I. told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "We're [also] working on a few different types of books. All nonfiction."

T.I. released his sixth solo album titled Paper Trail this week (September 30). The album, which features appearances from Ludacris and John Legend, is expected to sell close to 500,000 copies by next week.

T.I. is also currently filming a crime caper titled Bone Deep. The cast for the flick incudes R&B superstar Chris Brown and Idris Elba.