Shawnna Challenges Her Fellow Female MCs, Talks Flirting with Ludacris

 With "Gettin Some" reaching a deafening buzz, Disturbing Tha Peace's Shawnna is prepping her sophomore release, Block Music. In this exclusive, the femme fatale speaks on flirting with Ludacris and redundant female rappers.

Shawnna first got noticed on Ludacris' "What's Your Fantasy." She later made another noteworthy cameo on Luda's "Stand Up." Though her appearances were brief, her onscreen chemistry with Luda leads many to wonder whether their relationship was strictly professional.

"That's what adds on to our chemistry," Shawnna said in regards to speculation that her and Luda are an item. "It's the flirty thing of not knowing what could happen cause we never have and I think we never will. So we'll always will keep that flirty chemistry going on."[Listen] "That's like a brother to me now," she added. "So many times when I didn't know what to do and I had to turn to him for somebody to lean on. In situations like that sex is not a factor. He's more so [then just] a brother, [he's] somebody I can always fall back on rather than somebody that I look at like, 'Damn, I gotta get that.'" Sex sells, but don't let the title of the single fool you. The Chicago-bred MC's music is about more than sexual favors and plans on showing that on her next release. "I think we just need to do it different," Shawnna offered. "I think for so long we've been portrayed as the vixen. Whatever female rapper that's rapping is [always] 'the hottest chick and can't nobody do it better than her.' Ok fine, now what are you gonna do. Now that we've established that nobody is better than you, nobody is prettier, nobody's ass is bigger."[Listen]

"I think females [should] just stop right there and then we [could] get the focus taken off of us," she added. "That's why artists like myself, Remy, Eve, Ebony Eyez, Jacki-O and so forth, we come in cause now it's time for us to really perform, get down, really trying to get in the ring with the guys, battle some of the guys. Give the game something else to talk about."

If video and radio spins aren't enough to validate a buzz, then the ringtone popularity of "Getting Some" should definitely certify the single as a smash. Yet, Shawnna's been there before. Back in 2004, Shawnna's Worth Tha Weight failed to reach commercial success despite the hype generated by the Twista-assisted "RPM," a standout cut off DTP's Golden Grain LP.

Two years later, she is once again poised for success. Yet, this time she's confident that her buzz will translate into album sales.

"Honestly, I'm learning as I go," Shawnna said. "A lot of the feelings that I'm getting right now, I didn't have with Worth Tha Weight. A lot of the conversations that I'm having with people involved in the project, I didn't have with Worth Tha Weight. Like I said, I gave them [the label] an album full of singles. We didn't have those choices with Worth Tha Weight. It gotta be yo' time. You gotta have knowledge of the game and you gotta have everything lined up and ready. And I think right now more so than '04 is my time."

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