Irv Gotti Returning To Reality TV

VH1 has confirmed that The Inc. CEO Irv Gotti will be returning to the network for a second season of Gotti’s Way. The new season’s theme is dubbed “breaking the cycle,” and will chronicle the fallout of Irv’s season one finale separation from long-time spouse Debbie Lorenzo.

The new single mother of three is attempting to establish complete autonomy for the first time in her life, and to educate her children on what a stable marriage should be.

Gotti will focus his time on plotting the comeback of former industry powerhouse The Inc. (formerly Murder, Inc.) through new albums from Lloyd, Ja Rule and new signee T-Dot.

The season will also chronicle whether the former couple can possibly salvage a 15 year-plus relationship that broken from numerous acts of infidelity.

With the children ranging from ages 8 to 16, VH1 promises to show the unique challenges the non-traditional Lorenzos continue to face on a daily basis.

“This is definitely not the Cosbys or Run’s House,” VH1 explained. “But it is clear that whatever way things turn out, they are going to be ‘Gotti’s Way.’”

Season Two of Gotti’s Way premiers Monday, November 3 at 10:30PM.