T.I. Replies To Child Support Lawsuit; Claims Ex Refuses To Get A Job

Days after the mother of his two children filed a new lawsuit requesting more child support, rapper T.I. is speaking out on the situation on his web site, StreetCred.com. In a statement posted Monday (September 15) on the site, T.I. noted how the media was being used to "manipulate the circumstances and distort the facts" pertaining to the case.

"Those that know me, all know that there is nothing more important to me than my children," said the Atlanta rapper, who maintained that he has always supported his children "financially, emotionally, and spiritually."

T.I.’s response is the latest development to occur since his ex-girlfriend, Lashon Dixon, claimed she wasn’t able to support the former couple’s two sons with the $2,000 a month he provides in child support in a lawsuit filed last week.

According to The Associated Press, the 29-year-old mother, who was romantically involved with T.I. before he became a multi-platinum selling artist, is asking the court to order a stipend that is equal to the money the rapper makes as a successful entertainer.

T.I. countered Dixon’s claims in his statement, as he revealed that he pays for his sons’ "private schooling, medical insurance, clothing, food, gifts, birthdays and extracurricular activities that include football, basketball, baseball, acting lessons, summer camp, and any other activities,” in addition to the money he provides.

The rapper further stated that he has taken steps to help Dixon with making a down payment to purchase her home, an automobile and “other financial obligations."

Despite, his efforts, T.I. touched on how Dixon chooses to live off his child support payments and not work.

"This is the reason for her difficulties in making ends meet for herself," said the rapper, who admitted his willingness to be present for his children’s "birthdays, school functions" and "as many of their extra-curricular activities as I am able" in spite of his busy schedule. "I also am available to them at all times to provide guidance and support as a father regardless of my schedule or location. They are my first priority," T.I. stated.

John Mayoue, T.I.’s attorney, reinforced his client’s remarks while striking down any possibility of a strong case for Dixon, who appeared in court recently to file her lawsuit.

"The evidence in this case from both sides is that T.I. is a loving, involved and generous father," Mayoue stated. "The mother of his two children, Ms. Dixon testified to this during the recent hearing. T.I. is an exemplary parent who is seeking joint legal custody of his children. They spend approximately 40 percent of their time with him."

Before concluding his statement, T.I. appealed to those keeping track of the case by asking the public to take everything into account before making their minds up about his situation.

"Any reasonable person knowing the facts would conclude that all of my children’s needs are being far exceeded. My support of them in every way is documented and cannot be legitimately challenged, he said. "I should only be judged for my actions and not Lashon’s conscience decision not to work and not to contribute to the financial support of our boys."