Master P Comments On Beef Between Lil' Romeo and Bow Wow

ImageMaster P. has come forward to discuss the brewing rivalry between his son Lil' Romeo and Bow Wow.

The two rappers have traded veiled disses in rhymes, but the feud reached it's peak when the two rappers crossed paths backstage at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Award show, on April 1st.

According to Master P., accounts of their run in have been exaggerated.

"We have nothing against Bow Wow. His bodyguard used to work for me so I was hollerin’ at him. Romeo wanted to holla at Bow Wow, but he [Bow Wow] didn’t want to talk," Master P. said. "He ran in his trailer. Bow Wow better be lucky he got a good person with him, which is his bodyguard, because Romeo wanted to go in the trailer." Apparently the beef between the young stars started when Bow Wow allegedly dissed Lil' Romeo on the track, “Fresh Azimiz,” in which Bow Wow states he's “18 and making more than your dad.” The line didn't sit well with Lil' Romeo, who stars in his own hit Nickelodeon television show titled Romeo!
“I just think Bow Wow done sold a couple records and got real cocky, and forgot where he came from,” Master P said. "He [Bow Wow] done dissed almost everybody in the industry. How you gonna diss Will Smith? Then he came back and dissed Ronald Isley, Omarion, and now he’s taking shots at Rome. Bow Wow is older now and we from the streets - 14 and 15-year-old's will kill you. When you diss someone, you have to be accountable. To us, when you’re 12 years old you’re a man in the hood. So I just think right now [Bow Wow] gotta stop getting beside himself and realize that it’s real out here."

Lil' Romeo released a new single and video titled "U Can't Shine Like Me," taken from his upcoming album, God's Gift. The album is being released on Guttar Music, a new label headed by the rapper.

While "U Can't Shine Like Me" doesn't mention Bow Wow by name, Master P. said "if the shoe fits, where it."

“Rome is just talkin’ about how he’s livin' and that’s how he’s livin’. He’s representing New Orleans; he’s representin’ the streets. He’s a hood star. Hopefully this record and the album that Romeo got will put [Bow Wow] in his place.”

Master P. offered to end the beef between the two rapper's with a Pay-Per-View boxing match, in which all proceeds would be donated to charity.

"If you wanna get in the ring and squash it, put some boxing gloves on and we can set up a fight," Master P. said. "Put the gloves on, that's how we did it every time we had a problem."

Lil' Romeo's new album God's Gift is slated to hit stores before the end of 2006. For more information log on to

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