Eminem Gets Richer, Michigan Has His Money

ImageThe Michigan Treasury Department recently listed Eminem among several celebrities on the unclaimed property web site.

With millions generated in album sales, tours, his Shady imprint and Shady Limited clothing line, Em has yet to be paid in full. Word is millions of his dollars are presently being held by the state Treasury Department. The Treasury Department keeps money in forgotten bank accounts, uncashed paychecks, dividend payments and other property. The assets are usually sent to the state when a company can't find the person owed the money or property. The site doesn't send notices. Individuals must log on the site and make claims if applicable.

"A lot of it is bank accounts; people moved and maybe forgot about them," state treasury spokesman Caleb Buhs told The Detroit News. "If the account remains dormant for a year, the banks are legally obligated to turn it over to the state.

Aretha Franklin, Domino's Pizza founder Thomas S. Monaghan and former Michigan Governor John Engler are also listed on the web site.

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