Nas and Rakim Speak on Possible Collabo

ImageAs if Nas and Jay-Z uniting didn’t cause enough stir in hip-hop, now the Queensbridge MC might collaborate with legendary lyricist Rakim Allah.

The proposition arose last week as the two artists spoke during an MTV News interview. “I’mma ask a question," Rakim said to Nas and everyone in the room. "Me and Nas, we’ve been talking about this for a long time. Our people around us been talking about it and the whole world [has been talking about it], but it's about time, man. We gotta do a joint together, man. We gotta do a joint."

"We got to," Nas answered with a smile. "I'm working on my shit now, I know you’re working on yours, I got some things in my mind," Rakim continued. "If it's both [albums we collaborate on], that's even better. Let's think about that in the next few weeks."

"Yeah dawg, that's done," Nas responded before the MCs began exchanging numbers. "It's done. I'm glad you brought that up."

As Nas works on his upcoming Def Jam album, currently untitled, Rakim is also putting the finishing touches on his latest LP, The Seventh Seal, which he says will be done within the next two months.

Since his 1994 debut Nas has been frequently compared to Rakim, as both are known for weaving street tales and Five Percenter lessons with memorable metaphors and song concepts. It was only a matter of time before “The God” and “God’s Son” would unite on wax.

"I always respected Nas," Rakim said. "He was always a lyricist, and I always respect a true lyricist. Me and Nas got a rapport, we go back. He used to come up to Power Play Studios when I was working on my early albums. Watching him grow, and having respect for him and getting respect from him, is a beautiful thing."

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