Exclusive: New Details Arise In Proof's Murder, The Game Offers Condolences

 "Proof knocked dude down and stood over him with gun in hand," a source close to Proof said. "Proof shot first. The bouncer on the ground didn't shoot Proof another bouncer did. Proof was shot 4 times. Twice in the head and twice in the chest/stomach area."

Police have identified the second man as 35-year-old Keith Bender.

Bender is alive, but is still in critical condition.

"Dude [Bender] is on life support and not expected to live at all," the source continued.

"Some words were exchanged," Angel Bender, Bender's sister-in-law told the Detroit News. "He was at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Investigators are still trying to piece together details of the shooting but have stated they believe two guns were used in the shooting.

According to sources, Proof was licensed to carry his weapon.

Officers have frequently been called to the club, taking 18 incident reports since 1996.

The club was raided in December of 2005 for selling alcohol to minors and Proof's murder was the third time a shooting had occurred at or near the club.

"All this s**t is senseless and real f**ed up. Proof was a longtime friend who wouldn't stay the f**k out the hood. To many jealous people in the hood mad cause you made it.

"8 Mile [road] near Hayes on Detroit's Eastside at 4 am in the morning? That Triple C spot always has drama up there. Why was he there?" the source continued.

The club did not have a video surveillance system police, officers revealed.

According to the Triple C's administrator, Lamont Bryant, Proof was a regular at the club who didn't usually come with bodyguards while Bender's sister-in-law said Keith Bender was at the club to celebrate word that he would no longer need a defibrillator for a heart condition after two years.

Authorities believe that there is no connection between Proof's death and other shootings that involved Detroit rappers Obie Trice and Blade Icewood. Obie was shot in the head on a Detroit Highway in December 2005 and survived while budding rapper Blade Icewood was shot and killed aboard his silver Range Rover in April 2005.

Authorities have not named any suspects nor have any in custody. They are urging witnesses or anybody with relevant information to come forward. Patrons who were at the Triple C's on the night of the shooting were questioned but no case-breaking leads were obtained.

On the night of the Proof shooting, the club had remained open after required hours.

Earlier this year, Michael Smith, a Triple C employee, who described Proof as a friend was shot five times at the club while working security.

"That club, it's a death trap," Smith told the Detroit Free Press. "It took a man like Proof to get killed for me to come out and tell this. I don't want anybody to ever go to that club again"

The owners of Triple C couldn't be reached for comment.

Proof's untimely death has overwhelmed his friends, fans, his peers in the music industry and Detroit residents who loved his friendly demeanor.

"I've seen him everywhere," said Kimani Journery, a local promoter who along with other fans had gathered out of the Triple C club to pay respect. "He was just real. He was no problem starter. He was just love."

"He never made it seem like he was better than anybody else" added Linette Knight, a close of friend of Proof's. "He stayed humble, he never forget where he came from. It feels like somebody just punched a hole in the atmosphere and just left it there. There is a giant void here. It hit me hard just because I knew him before he got to where he was. It's a loss...a big loss."

Artists are also speaking out. The Game released the following statement via his website: "For a person to shoot & kill another person, there had to be a tremendous amount of hate & envy for the victim.Over the years we became real cool & remained homies throughout all the beef shit with G-Unit . I met Proof early 2002 in a studio in Los Angeles & we clicked right off the back. The same night we were in the studio doing some mixtape shit while Em, 50 [Cent] & [Dr.] Dre were in the back studio workin on Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. Over the years we became real kool & remained homies throughout all the beef shit witt G-Unit so to wake up this mornin' at 10:41am flip open my sidekick & read that the homie was killed due to a bullet in the head just literally fucked my day. I will end this short letter by saying this, Proof will always be remembered & I as well as the Black Wall Street family will keep his memory & his family in our prayers 1"

Proof's family and D12 members, including Eminem, have yet to comment on their loss.

The rapper, whose real name is Deshaun Holton, leaves behind five children.

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