Jadakiss Lights Up Cigar Biz

ImageJadakiss is partnering with Cutting Edge LLC to release a new brand of slow burning cigars called Bada Bing Cigars.

Available as of April 1, the natural leaf cigars are handpicked and manufactured in Nicaragua. The rapper/D-Block CEO admitted his own love of cigars led him to create the Bada Bing.

"When I linked up with Cutting Edge, I told them about my experience with other cigars and that I wanted to produce a cigar that was of the highest quality," Jadakiss said via statement. "If anything anyone knows about me is that I am a true cigar connoisseur. Just because a cigar may not be the most expensive doesn't mean that you have to suffer. The responses that I have been getting from the streets have been marvelous!"

The cigars are made entirely of natural leaf and tip and are paper free, making for a more enjoyable smooth slow burning experience.

Bada Bing cigars are being sold in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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