Young Buck Speaks Out, ''50 Cent Has Never Been To My House''

Young Buck hasn't spoken much publicly about his ousting from G-Unit since 50 Cent gave him the boot last month. But the Cashville emcee aired out a few grievances recently, and got candid about his real relationships with Sha Money XL, The Game and Snoop Dogg, and Fif himself, in light of his new rift with The Unit. "A lot of this shit that 50's doing towards my situation, I'm just not used to," Buck said during an interview with the XM radio show "Raw With Mz. Kitti." "I'm a street nigga, I ain't used to niggas just saying shit and just doing any of this shit. I'm like, 'hold up ...'"

Though Buck was kicked out of G-Unit, he's still signed to the label. The ousting changed friendships more than it may record sales.

"The minute that 50 went public and said, 'yo Buck, you kicked out of G-Unit,' Sha Money pretty much disappeared from me for like two, three weeks," he said of his long-time manager. "No contact at all. After that situation, I went to calling Sha, because he's my manager, and Sha just disappeared."

But Buck still considers Sha to be a friend.

"Sha Money was more than just a manager to me," he continued. "At the end of the day, Sha Money was, still is my friend. Sha's in a situation dealing with both of these things -- he's a friend of 50 Cent, he's my manager. Outside of that, we've growed our friendship. I'm Sha's best man on his wedding."

But he's gained a couple of alliances out of the turmoil, too. One happens to be another ousted member of G-Unit.

"I haven't gotten on no phone conversations and actually spoke to Game, but he's reached out to a few people that's around me just to show his support like, 'yo Buck, fuck whatever's going on, I just wanna see your well being, as long as you aight,'" Buck said. "That's love and I ain't even got that call from Banks and Yayo, and we ain't got no issues with each other. The issue was from 50."

According to Buck, he and Fif were never all that tight anyway.

"50 Cent has never been to my house," he explained. "50 don't know where I live, on my child's life. I don't even think he'd know my child's first and last name if I asked him."

On the other hand, Snoop gave Buck his support personally.

"[Snoop Dogg] comes to my city, Cashville, Tennessee," he said. "This motherfucker really showed my city more love than any motherfucker... and that goes for anybody and everybody. He hung out in the hood and the projects - shit like that, you can't buy with money. Money can't buy that shit. I appreciate that shit more than anything in my life. It was so real."

Buck is currently working on establishing his new label Cashville Records and his new line, David Brown Clothing.

"I'm focused at this point and I'mma stay this way," Buck said. "I'm more happier than I've ever been in my career. I ain't lying."