Rick Ross Keeps "Hustlin'," Claims No Beef With T.I.

 After creating a buzz with his "Hustlin'" single, Rick Ross is readying his Slip-N-Slide/Def Jam debut. In this exclusive interview, Ross addresses the rumored T.I. feud and the south's critics.

Hip-Hop has seen his share of hustle songs in the past few years. Yet, it hasn't stopped Ross from tackling the theme with a track of his own. With the game saturated with "snowmen," the Miami native managed to generate a buzz with "Hustlin'," an ode to his dirty work.

"I am a hustler," Ross said. "Everybody who knows me and what I represent in the movement. They know we've been hustling for a long time. So it's not just a record to me, it's a lifestyle. It's spearheading a movement."

Like his movement, Ross is gaining more prominence, making him an easy target. When fellow trapper T.I. leaked the Just Blaze-produced "I'm Talking To You" a few weeks back, rumors began spreading that the song was aimed at Ross. T.I. later denied tension between him and Ross, a sentiment echoed by the Miami rapper.

"I'mma be honest, I still ain't hear the song yet," Ross revealed. "But I bumped into him [T.I.], asked him what was going on and he told me it was complete fabrication. He offered me a spot on his ["What You Know"] remix. So I'mma get on that remix. If it was a problem, I guess it ain't now."[Listen]

With a strong buzz and a co-sign from Jay-Z, Ross is poised to add to the south's current reign. In recent weeks, New York emcees like Ghostface and 50 Cent have criticized the South, citing that its artists dumb down their lyrics in favor of party-oriented songs. Ross disagrees.

"I mean they gotta listen to the music," Ross, who said he considers himself a lyricist. "I ain't worried about other niggas cause I don't even hear other niggas' music like that. That's their opinion, but whatever. You gotta hear the music. I know my shit [is] on another level. Listen to my music and then make that comment, you'll sound stupid."[Listen]

In related news, Ross is featured alongside Fat Joe, Paul Wall, Lil Wayne and Pitbull on "Holla At Me," the lead single from DJ Khaled's forthcoming LISTENNN... The Album.

Rick Ross' Port of Miami, featuring production from Jazze Pha and Cool & Dre, is slated for a July/August release.

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