Twista Attacked by Chicago Citizen

 Twista found himself under attack last week after announcing his participation in the “Principal for a Day” program at a Chicago land school.

According to reports, David L. Wideman went through an extensive campaign, which included letter writing, e-mails and phone calls to Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley’s office.

But it didn’t stop there.

In an age where the art of hatin has gone hi-tech (no, not the producer), Wideman made a web page dedicated to his cause. Check it out at

In an effort to protect the children, Wideman warned of a ”train wreck of tragedy” that awaited the unsuspecting young at the Children’s Choir by the artists appearance and attempt to convey his “stay in school” message.

Sounds like somebody may have taken that kamikaze thing too far.

Twista who has been a long time supporter of the Chicago Children’s Choir Academy through ongoing time and financial contributions issued the following statement via his spokesperson.

“It’s disturbing to hear that a community member has taken extreme measures to organize a boycott and negative campaign towards Carl Mitchell’s (AKA Twista) participation in the Chicago Choir Academy’s ‘Principal for a Day” program. Through his celebrity as an entertainer, he is able to reach millions and inspire many young lives, in which he has taken the initiative and responsibility to use the spotlight as an opportunity to spread the positive message of staying in school to our youth.”

The content of his music was also addressed in the statement.

“Although the music that his stage persona creates as an entertainer for a mature audience may contain adult subject matters and content, Mitchell’s message to our youth as a regular member of the community is universal and he should not have to face scrutiny for wanting to give back. We are grateful that the City of Chicago has recognized his efforts and has chosen to stand by him throughout this blatant attempt to defame his character and look forward to continuing our ongoing efforts to support the Chicago Choir Academy.”