T.I. Stands Strong In Midst Of Legal Troubles, ''I Ain't Dead, I Ain't Done''

In case anyone had counted T.I. out, the self proclaimed King of the South wants everyone to know he's back and he's here, "No Matter What."

Earlier today (April 29) the first official track from Tip's highly anticipated upcoming album Paper Trail leaked and the squeaky, guitar laden song sounds like a victory anthem, as Tip proclaims he can get through anything.

"I ain't dead, I ain't done/ I ain't scared, I ain't run / Still I stand, no matter what / Here I am, no matter what," he rhymes in the chorus.

The song heavily references the rapper's latest legal troubles, having just escaped a hefty jail sentence with what critics have called a "sweetheart deal." After pleading guilty to federal weapons charges and getting off with thousands of hours of community service, a year in a home confinement program, a $100,000 fine and a year in jail.

Considerably less than what Tip says the media predicted.

"Facing all kinda time / but I smile like I'm fine," Tip rhymes. "Let the blog sites and the magazines tell it / I'm sure to be in jail till 2027."

The whole song doesn't come off quite as braggadocios as those couple of lines, though. Tip actually apologizes for the situation to his listeners."Apologies to the fans, I hope you can understand it / Life can change your direction even when you didn't plan it," he raps.

The inner strength that got him through this latest ordeal is the same will that pushed him through the tragic still birth of a child as well as the highway murder of his personal assistant and friend, Philant Johnson in 2006.

"I lost my partner and my daughter in the same year / Somehow, I rise above my problems and remain here," he raps

Tip goes on to give listeners a little insight into how he overcomes the obstacles in his life.

"Wonder how I face years and I'm still chillin'? / Easy to let go and let God deal with it."

Paper Trail is due on shelves sometime in September.