Jay-Z Comes To LeBron's Aid, Disses B-Ball Rival

With a release of a new freestyle, Jay-Z bypasses rappes who have recently taken jabs at him to call out NBA player DeShawn Stevenson. The track seems to be the latest chapter in the ongoing rivalry between NBA star LeBron James and Washington Wizard guard DeShawn Stevenson. The basketball beef started when Stevenson called LeBron "overrated" and James said in repsonse, "With DeShawn Stevenson, it's kind of funny. It's almost like Jay-Z [responding to a negative comment] made by Soulja Boy. It doesn't make sense."

Stevenson then invited Soulja Boy to game 3 of the teams' current playoff series to heckle James.

Now, Jigga has thrown his hat in the ring, releasing "Blow The Whistle." On the short track, Jay dismisses the legitimacy of Stevenson's antics rhyming, "Ask my n*gga LeBron / we so big we ain't gotta respond / when you talking to a don / please have respect like you talking to your mom."

According to the Washington Post, the track was played in a local club several times and was accompanied by Cavaliers player Damon Jones getting on the mic to direct a few choice words to Stevenson as well.

After getting wind of both the song and comments by Jones from teammate Caron Butler, Stevenson later responded to the track, to Jones, and James.

"He says he has a lot of swag, but I don't think that's something to do," Stevenson said about James. "This is basketball. I'm not worried about the song. I'm not worried about what he did. But for Damon Jones to get on the mic. And I heard he was saying foul stuff about me and stuff like that, they're taking it beyond basketball to me."

He went on to say, "Everybody is saying the bad things that I'm saying nationally, but they don't understand why I'm mad. That stuff doesn't come out. I'd rather be the bad guy. People think I'm going at him, but they don't see the little stabs that he's doing."

"When I had Soulja Boy here. It was on the court," Stevenson said. "It was nothing disrespecting him or his family or even foul language."

And though Stevenson was caught in between Jay-Z's lyrical punchline, the hoops star had a more diplomatic response to Mr. Carter.

"Jay-Z is a legend. He'll go down in history. No disrespect to Jay-Z," Stevenson said. "I take it as a compliment. I like his music. I like everything he does. I would never go at a legend."