"ATL" Does Big Box Office, Shooting Mars Opening Weekend

ImageAs T.I.'s ATL earned $11.5 million to rank No. 3 at the box office this weekend, a Minneapolis man was shot to death hours after viewing the movie on opening night.

31 year-old Alan D. Reitter, of Minnetonka, MN, was shot to death after shots rang out in a busy downtown area of Minneapolis, police said. According to authorities, the shooting took place close to the Block E entertainment complex where many had gathered to view the premiere of ATL.

Only a minute after the shooting, police cuffed 21 year-old Derick D. Holliday, of Minneapolis, at approximately 11:36 p.m. following a foot chase. Cops arrived on the scene after hearing reports of a big fight and shots being fired. According to Assistant Police Chief Tim Dolan, the suspect told authorities that he was not being threatened, assaulted nor acting in self defense when he began shooting.

The suspect "just shot into a crowd of people," Dolan told the Star Tribune.

Reports say Reitter didn't take part in the fight. He was hit in the head as he was walking by with friends. He later died at Hennepin County Medical Center. Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar said her office intends to pursue first-degree murder charges and attempted murder charges against Holliday. Klobuchar believes the shooter was looking to shoot another person. She wouldn't elaborate.

Meanwhile, some don't believe ATL lead to the shooting.

"It wasn't the movie," Ron Edwards, a member of the Police Community Relations Council (PCRC) and long time activist told the Tribune. Edwards added that the movie had a positive message. Reitter viewed the 5 p.m. showing, roughly six and a half hours prior to the shooting took place. Word is a crowd of about 200 youths were hanging outside the theater when tension began to boil.

This doesn't mark the first time a shooting is linked to a movie opener. Late last year, a man was fatally shot after viewing 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' in a Loews multiplex near Pittsburgh, PA. Shortly after watching the movie, Shelton Flowers got into an altercation with three men in the bathroom. The fight spilled over into the concessions area where Flowers was shot.

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