Nas Drops Controversial Song "Be A Nigger Too"; Calls Out All Races

Queensbridge rapper has just released a new song titled "Be A Nigger Too," a track from his highly anticipated album, Nigger.

The single "Be A Nigger Too" is the first official release from Nas’ album, which has drawn intense scrutiny due to the album’s simple, yet controversial title.

The lyrics on "Be A Nigger Too" gives listeners a glimpse into the direction Nas’ album may take.

On the track, which was produced by Salaam Remi and Big Jack, Nas makes his stance on the N-word clear through his lyrics and a slowed down delivery.

"The real Niggers are back on the radio," Nas says, before launching into his verse.

"Not mad cause Eminem said Nigger/Cause he’s my Nigger/Wigger/Cracker friend/We all black within/ We all African within/Some African’s don’t like us no way/A killin happened in Johannesburg yesterday.”

In a song that could be a lighting rod for controversy, Nas references the tragic murder of reggae star Lucky Dube in Johannesburg in October of 2007 and in the same line, name check’s the NAACP.

The hook for the song is a play on Dr. Pepper’s famous "Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Pepper Too" advertising slogan.

"I’m a Nigger/He’s a Nigger/she’s a Nigger /we’s some Niggers/wouldn’t you like to be a Nigger too," Nas raps.

On the rest of the chorus, Nas name check’s Jews (Kike Niggers), Hispanics (Spic Niggers), Italians (Guinea Niggers) and Asians (Chink Niggers), by using their respective racial epitaphs and embraces them as his Niggers.

“They like to strangle Niggers/blame a Niggers/shoot a Nigger/hang a Nigger/still you wanna be a Nigger too?/True.”

Nas' upcoming album Nigger is due in stores this year on Island Def Jam, a unit of Universal Music Group.