Young Buck Says 50 Cent Is ''Jealous'' On Response Record

After being booted from G-Unit, Young Buck has finally broken his silence, addressing his situation with former group leader 50 Cent on the track, "My Interview." 50 recently announced that Buck was no longer part of the group during an interview with New York's Hot 97 radio station.

On "My Interview" Buck finally offers fans some insight into his conflict with the G-Unit General.

"I heard the same things you heard like 50 kicked him out / or Buck sniffs coke and he flips out / it's too late, the whole world know what I be bout," he rhymes on the track.

Throughout the track, the Cashville MC takes jabs at Fif comparing their relationship to the Biblical figures, brothers Kane and Able.

"Abel was the youngest but Kane was the oldest / Kane had the money but Abel stayed focused / I came around and Able got closest / Kane got jealous started showing his emotions."

The song's release comes on the heels of 50's media campaign explaining his disappointment with Buck. In a recent interview 50 said he was really shocked with Buck's statements about never receiving any royalty checks from G-Unit and that Buck's financial problems caused him to lie.

"That was a shocker from Young Buck," 50 said. "The last thing that I felt would ever be even said would be that [the members of G-Unit] weren't paid because they actually were overpaid."

"He lives like a drug dealer," he added. "When the artist spends excessively to the point where he doesn't actually have that money anymore, out of desperation he says whatever he can say to try and fix situations."

Buck is currently gearing up for the release of his new mixtape, "Honorable Discharge: Cashville Chronicles" later this month. He will also be dropping the documentary DVD, A Billion Bucks, following him throughout his everyday life on June 10th.