8Ball & MJG Ready Greatest Hits Album

After well over a decade of putting in work and a string of both mainstream and underground hits, 8Ball & MJG are gearing up to release a compilation of their most popular songs. We Are The South (Greatest Hits), which is set to hit shelves in May via Koch Records, will feature a slew of the Memphis, Tennessee duo's most celebrated bangers from their entire catalog of LP's including Coming Out Hard, On The Outside Looking In, Space Age 4 Eva and Living Legends.

Songs included on the disc include classics like "Space Age Pimpin," "Candy" and "Lay It Down." The collection will also feature artists that the group has collaborated with in the past including OutKast, Cee-Lo and Tela.

We Are The South (Greatest Hits) hits shelves on May 13.

Here is a complete track listing for the album:

01. "Introduction Into The Game"
02. "Pimp in My Own Rhyme"
03. "Don't Flex"
04. "Paid Dues" feat. Cee-Lo
05. "Friend Or Foe"
06. "Space Age Pimpin"
07. "Sho'Nuff" feat. Tela
08. "Candy"
09. "In The Middle Of Night"
10. "What Can I Do"
11. "Throw Your Hands" Ft.OutKast
12. "Starships And Rockets"
13. "The Artist Pays The Price"
14. "Have You Been"
15. "That Girl"
6. "Lay It Down"