Spice 1 Released From Hospital, Says Attacker "Probably A Crack Head"

Five months after being critically wounded by gunfire, Spice 1 has been released from a San Francisco hospital. The Bay Area rapper (born Robert L. Green, Jr.) was shot while sleeping in his parked car in his driveway in Hayward, Calif. On December 3, 2007.

Authorities later determined that the shooting was a car theft gone wrong. The bullets just barely missed the rapper's vital organs and left him in critical condition, according to PR-inside.

"The bullet went through my lung and my lung collapsed," Spice said.

Cops still don't know who shot the rapper, but Spice said if he knew he did the shooting, he'd probably be jailed for returning the favor.

"I don't think the n*gga is stupid enough to go tell somebody he did that sh*t . [The name of the assailant] never got back to me, 'cause if it did, I'd probably be in the penitentiary for murder...," Spice continued. "sh*t, this little scary ass, b*tch-ass-muthaf*cka trying to break into my car, probably a crackhead muthaf*cka or something. Some little, young kid ... a little buster ass n*gga."

Spice 1, a legend in the Bay Area dropped his most recent album, Thug A$$ociation, in May. The disc features B-Legit, Roger Troutman and C-Bo.