Radio Personality Cherry Martinez Drops A Bomb On Funkmaster Flex, Calls DJ "Lugz"

 Despite registering high ratings on New York radio station Power 105.1, Cherry Martinez has remained somewhat of an enigma. Now after being called out of her name by radio rival/Hot 97 New York personality Funkmaster Flex, the radio personality/rapper is ready to strike back.

Interestingly, Martinez referred to Flex as "Lugz" throughout SOHH's exclusive interview. According to her, Flex has been talking reckless for a few years, yet things really got out of hand when she topped the veteran DJ in several demographics, including the 18-34 women demo, arguably the most coveted target.

"Lugz been throwing subliminal shots at me ever since I started at Power 105 when I was only part-time," Martinez told SOHH. "Lugz been feeling the heat ever since I cracked the mic in 2003. When I became full-time in 2004 he started to get a little bolder with it cause I started to chip away at his market share. It was only till about a couple of months ago that he crossed the line and called me a bitch numerous times on the air. That's when I lost it.

"I was thinking to myself, 'I'm a bitch???'" she added. "He's the woman beater. He's the one who had a slumber party on the radio where his co-workers joined in and assisted him in taking shots at me. I was like, 'Wow, pick up your balls, Lugz.' I'm a one-chick army! So I went in the studio and made the dis intro to let the planet know that yeah, I'm from Boston but I run New York... and I'm taking no shorts!"

For some reason, a feud between two of New York's most prominent DJs has managed to remain under the mainstream's radar.

"It's crazy cause the people want this story," said Martinez. "Think about it... The underdog disses the bully. It's perfect, but I guess the industry is afraid of Lugz. I see all ya'll -- and ya'll are not looking familiar right now. A lot of industry cats come to me and say how wack Lugz is and how he contradicts himself about men disrespecting women but yet no one has the balls to speak up. I guess it's because they either need exposure or their record played."

Artists may be scared of getting shut down, but the self-proclaimed "Cherry Bomb" isn't. Her "I Run New York" dis intro has garnered much attention and now has Cherry ready for more action.

"The response has been crazy," Martinez boasted. "I only played it for a week to put niggas in they place and at the same time I wanted to see where I was at with the streets. Even after the fact, they're still requesting it and it's not even a song in rotation. That's bananas. It's a movement. Now that the streets is feelin it. I'm going with it!"

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