Foxy Brown Returns Home Next Week, In Talks For Reality Show

Foxy Brown is coming home. After serving eight months in a New York correctional facility, the Brooklyn-bred rap star will be freed next Friday (April 18). "Foxy will be released on April 18th," Foxy's manager and CEO of Black Hand Entertainment, Chazz Williams said. "[She's] is not getting out early. Foxy served her entire sentence [under] good time, that is, days deducted by the law, that every prisoner gets unless its procedurally taken [away] for breaking prison rules."

Brown was sentenced to a year in New York's Riker's Island correctional facility for violating her probation in connection with a 2004 assault charge.

Foxy, was on probation for assaulting two manicurist in a Manhattan salon in 2004. Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson warned her in March 2007, that if she got into any trouble with the law, the rapper would be sent to prison for a year. Five months later, Brown was sentenced and incarcerated (Sept. 7) by New York States parole violations for smacking her neighbor, Arleen Raymond across the face with her Blackberry cell phone, resulting in the victim suffering loose teeth and swelling around her lip and right eye.

While in prison Brown's troubles did not escape her. From physical altercations with fellow inmates to verbally abusing a corrections officer to refusing to provide a urine sample, Fox was thrown in the hole for misconduct. Initially, she was supposed to serve 76 days in "punitive segregation" -solitary confinement­- for 23 hours a day, but the embattled rapper was released in 40 days for good behavior.

Brown's time in segregation proved well spent. A rehabilitated Foxy emerged from the hole a new woman, as the rapper admitted having learned from her mistakes, and the punishment turned her into stronger individual.

However, the attitude change was not enough for the Judge to grant Foxy an early release in January. Fox Boogie, was denied a pardon, by the Judge Jackson, to undergo a surgical procedure to repair the cochlear implant in her ear that was damage during the aforementioned dispute with inmates.

"Foxy served every day of her sentence under the most severe conditions at RikersIsland," Williams said. "She has done her time under tremendous pressure to break her spirit. [Yet] she's in superior shape physically, spiritually, and emotionally."

With Foxy's release from prison imminent, the rapper's focus switches to the release of her fourth studio album Brooklyn's Don Diva. Initially, the set -which is Fox's first album under her new imprint Black Rose Entertainment/Koch Records- was supposed to drop on February 5th, the album's date was pushed back to await the Diva's release.

"She looks forward to moving on with her career upon her release," Williams explained.

He also offered insight to Fox's rumored VH1 reality series. "We are in talks with a number of networks and film studios regarding new opportunities."

Brooklyn's Don Diva will be released on May 13.