50 Cent Film Moves North Of The Border

Image50 Cent and Samuel L Jackson's Home Of The Brave, which had begun filming in Spokane, Washington, will now continue production in Vancouver, Canada.

As previously reported, the film was shut down on Sunday (March 26) because of a labor disagreement between the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Union and North by Northwest Productions. Negotiations in the past few days between both parties ended unsuccessful.
According to Rich Cowan of North by Northwest, the union was demanding higher compensation at New York and Los Angeles rates, which "would have made a huge increase in our costs, so the financiers decided to move the production to Vancouver."

"If we ever signed a deal, it could take us out of the film business" added Cowan.

Home of the Brave, which is budgeted at $12 million, centers on three soldiers who struggle to readapt to everyday life following a long tour in Iraq. 50 is reportedly set to play one of the soldiers, while Samuel Jackson plays a doctor who also struggles with his return to normalcy after the war. Jessica Biel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Eva Mendes (Hitch) and Christina Ricci (Monster) also star in the film.

"If these were really 'high wage jobs,' there wouldn't be any issue at all," said Union business manager David Robinson. "They were using roughly 32 union members. They wanted to take advantage of their skill and expertise, but they didn't want to pay union wages and benefits in return."

According to Cowan, three and a half days of filming had been completed out of the shoot that was supposed to last for a month.

"Spokane may still be billed as the setting for Home of the Brave because the producers will probably use most of the footage that was shot in Spokane, including a big funeral scene" added Cowan. "They'll be filming mostly interiors in Vancouver. It was actually a pretty easy film to move."

In related news, 50 Cent could be soon collaborating with Michael Jackson. G-Unit affiliate DJ Whoo Kid recently revealed that he dined with the "King of Pop" and he expressed interest in working with 50 and Kanye West.

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