T.I Explains Violent Lyrics On Leaked Track, ''It Was Never Meant To Be Released''

After a previously unreleased track hit the net, T.I. released a statement to tell fans the song was not leaked by him and will not appear on his new album, Paper Trail. In a recorded message, T.I. explained that the record, dubbed "Hunt 'Em Down" will not appear on the King of The South's upcoming solo project, Paper Trail.

"To whom it may concern, for whatever it's worth, I just wanted to say to you myself that the record that has been leaked...it's an unwarranted, unauthorized release," T.I. said. "It is not a Paper Trail selection. It's not of the same standard, the same quality as the records that I'm doing right now so I don't want nobody to get it misconstrued that that's the first single or that's even a release from Paper Trail."

The song, which features a noticeably aggressive Tip, sees the rapper spitting lyrics like, "I want them n*ggas dead / I want they head / I want 'em now...hunt 'em down." The Atlanta MC went on to explain that the aggressive content of the track was due to the time of it's recording, as it was directly after T.I.'s close friend, Philant Johnson, was shot and killed.

"Do not be fooled. That was a record I recorded...it was the very first record I recorded after my big homie Philant died," he revealed. "So it was a lot of rage, a lot of anger, a lot of frustration in that record. It was never even meant to be released. I don't know how it got out there."

Tip also told fans that when an official single is finally released, it will far surpass that of the leaked track.

"The record you gon' hear when I put it out there is gon' be way better than that, on a whole 'nother level."