Beanie Sigel Fails Drug Test, Sentenced To 3 Months Behind Bars

Roc-A-Fella rapper Beanie Sigel will be heading back to jail after he admitted to breaking the terms of his probation in court last week. The Broad Street Bully spent a year behind bars after being sentenced on drug and weapons charges in 2004 and was back in federal court on Friday (Mar. 28) over a third violation of his supervised release, according to Philadelphia's Daily News.

Authorities said the rapper (born Dwight Grant) gave a fake urine sample to probation officers on February 29, and five other times that month, he tested positive for the anxiety medication Xanax and the highly addictive pain pill Percocet.

U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick sentenced Sigel to three months in the slammer and an additional year of supervised release which he'll serve in a drug-treatment program.

Sigel's lawyer, Fortunato N. Perri Jr., requested that his client be able to get his affairs in order before turning himself in, but the judge wasn't having it.

"I told you the last time if you didn't toe the line, jail was the only option," Surrick told Beans. He also said Sigel had "been given the benefit of doubt" many times before.

The rapper told the judge he was an addict and had suffered a relapse when he was sent to a halfway house in January. Sigel was ordered to serve the first six months of his then 18 months of supervised release in the halfway house.

He blamed the relapse on the financial pressure he's under, facing losing his home and being unable to travel outside of Philadelphia to perform, which is a major source of income. According to the terms of his release, Beans can't leave the state. (Though he did take a short vacation to an Atlantic City casino and consorted with a convicted felon, which caused the rapper to face his first two probation violations).

The rapper's not making much off of album sales either.

He only "gets 14 cents on the dollar for every CD that is sold, and that is only after the record companies get their money off the top," Beans said. "I'm losing everything because of this situation." But he did admit that his own actions had placed him in this situation.

The prosecution didn't buy the rapper's explanation, saying "Mr. Grant is a big boy and he knows what the rules are. At some point, he has to grow up."

Judge Surrick wasn't any more sympathetic.

"I've heard your explanation, but that does not excuse your conduct," he said.

Sigel was immediately taken into custody following sentencing.