Fat Joe Strikes Back At 50 Cent & G-Unit

The feud between Fat Joe and 50 Cent continues as K.A.R. Entertainment and mixtape rookie Suge White are set to release a diss tape aimed at G-Unit titled Gay Unit Vol. 1 hosted by Fat Joe.

According to Kill All Rats Entertainment's MySpace page -affiliates of Joe- and mixtape DJ Suge White have posted the cover of the diss tape aimed at 50 Cent and his G-Unit soldiers Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. Featuring a Photoshoped image of 50, Yayo and Banks tightly embraced, all three rappers are portrayed with smeared lipstick on the face, as Yayo was tattooed with a "I Miss Jail" on his right shoulder and Banks sporting a portrait of Curtis on his left shoulder with "Delicious" tagged under.

The diss tape is a direct answer to G-Unit's own Fat Joe diss tape, Elephant in the Sand, which according to 50, download 700,000 copies for free on his website ThisIs50.com, last week.

The mixtape also comes on the heels of two videos the rap titans released towards one another yesterday. On ThisIs50.com, Curtis staged a funeral for Joey Crack after SoundScan issued first week total numbers for album sales. A teary-eyed 50 mourned the fact that Fat Joe's latest solo album, The Elephant in the Room, scanned only 46,000 copies behind Rick Ross's number one album, Trilla. Fif states that Joe's career is over and that he has lost the ability to make relevant music.

In response to 50's clip, Fat Joe released his own video on YouTube. In the clip, Joe's camp says Interscope's budget for Curtis was $27 million dollars and the total losses for 50's third album at $22.6 million dollars. In comparison, Joe posted his independent release, first week numbers at $50,674 net profit while stating he's just getting started. In the end, he implies that 50 has fallen off for bragging about the 700,000 free downloads of Elephant in the Sand.

The 50 Cent and Fat Joe beef stems from 50 recording a diss track aimed at Fat Joe and Jadakiss for their guest spots on Ja Rule's 2004 "New York, New York."