Lil' Wayne Won't Put Down The Lean, "I Pour It Up For Pimp C"

Just months after rapper Pimp C's shocking death in a hotel room due to sleep apnea complications and an accidental codeine overdose, the self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive, Lil' Wayne, refuses to put his cup of codeine-laced drink down.

"I can step out here right now and my bus can flip over so I ain't worrying about health risks and all that," Wayne told Westwood Radio recently.

The rapper has made no bones about the contents of the cup he's always seen carrying around. It's a mixture of soda and/or alcohol and prescription-strength codeine, which is the main ingredient in the popular illegal beverage, "sizzurp."

"I pour it up for Pimp C, I pour it up for Bun B, I pour it up for young me, ya dig?"

Bun B had already layed off the syrup himself, and after losing his friend and UGK group mate to the popular prescription-strength codeine concoction, he's even erased it from his lyrics.

"I had had a verse on this album (II Trill) about sizzurp and just all things considered with my personal situation; I thought it would've been in poor taste for me to do a song talking about drinking syrup but that's just me," Bun B said.

He also noted that neither he, nor anyone else, can make Wayne stop drugging.

"If Wayne chooses to stop at some point that'll be Wayne's decision," Bun said.

Bun B couldn't even tell the Young Money Millionaire to put the cup down.

"If [Pimp C] was here he'd probably tell me don't, and [to] stop, but I mean ... Rest in peace Pimp C," Wayne said. "I am an Underground King, sorry."

And if the syrup does take him out? "Just honor me like they honor him [Pimp] and that'll be great enough for me, especially peace to Pimp," he said refilling his cup. "I'm pourin' up right now for you, homie. I promise I am."