Master P & Romeo Face Off Against Pigs In New Movie

Father and son duo Master P and Romeo, are staring in an upcoming, big screen horror film, touted as having franchise potential. The two are no stranger to TV, both having previous rap careers and starring in the Nickelodian show "Romeo!" but this time P is putting on a new face for the camera. Something like a pig.

The flick, "The Pig People," tells a tale of five college kids who take a trip into a haunted forest to shoot a documentary for class. They fearlessly go looking for answers behind the 18th century Louisiana myth about half-man, half-swine creatures, pig people.

Romeo plays TJ, one of the curious students, while his dad acts opposite him as the movie's villain.

"I've never done a horror movie before," Romeo said on set. "It's a different kind of acting and the challenge is really allowing me to take my game to the next level. We're gonna make the audience jump out of their seats with this."

After filming wraps, the younger Miller will head off to college to be a film major and a student athlete at the University of South Carolina.

The movie, a Vault Load film production, also features Daeg Faerch (of Halloween), is directed by David Gueringer, executive produced by Jimmy Finkl and is due out in 2009 .