Snoop Shows Love To His Dogs

ImageToy maker Jakks Pacific Inc. has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Snoop Dogg to develop and market pet products.

The line which is based on the West Coat rapper will include leashes, beds, treats, cover toys and other dog accessories.

"We think Snoop Dogg will be a perfect complement to our new pet line, and our team is really excited to develop and market what we expect will be an urban and edgy line" said Jakks Pacific's senior vice president of licensing and media, Jennifer Richmond via a statement.

"Initially, we'll look to sell the Snoop Dogg line into mass retailers and pet superstores. However, we hope to reach even wider distribution to music, novelty and other specialty outlets with a strong, irreverent line," said Richmond

Jakks expects to begin shipping the Snoop Dog-branded pet line to retail locations nationwide later this year

"Snoop Dogg's love goes beyond people-it is for living creatures throughout the universe," added Snoop Dogg. "How can I be Snoop Dogg and not show my love for pets?"

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