Juelz Santana Pleads Not Guilty In Drug Bust

Juelz Santana was arraigned in a New Jersey municipal court yesterday (Mar. 12) after being caught riding dirty last week. On March 4, the rapper (born LaRon James) was pulled over as he entered Teaneck's gated Glenpointe community where he lives, after authorities' smelled marijuana coming from his Bentley. They later learned he was driving with a suspended license.

Upon searching his car, officers found marijuana on the console and a weed-laced blunt in his shoe. Police also discovered 29 hollow-point bullets wrapped in a sock and $19,500 rolled in small bundles that were stashed in a plastic bag full of hundreds of Jolly Rancher candies.

Cops also found a sandwich baggie of marijuana in the backseat of their cruiser where Santana sat after being arrested.

Standing by his attorney, David Russo, Santana pled not guilty to one count of marijuana possession and one count of possession of penetrating bullets. He was read his rights and ordered to report to criminal case management in Hackensack, NJ within 48 hours, according to a source at the courthouse.

"He had a whole posse with him, like six men and a woman," a court clerk said. "I didn't realize he was so important."

"You should have seen the jewelry on this kid, his jewelry cost more than my house," she continued. "And he had a matching ring that went with that bracelet. I woulda killed for diamonds like that are you kiddin' me? I may have to start listening to rap music now."