Details Emerge In T.I. Assistant's Murder

Details surrounding the murder of T.I.'s personal assistant and friend, Philant Johnson, have recently been revealed. Philant Johnson was killed on a Cincinnati highway in a hail of bullets on May 2, 2006 after an altercation broke out between Tip, members of his Grand Hustle label and another group of patrons at Cincinnati's Club Ritz.

Now, according to Atlanta radio station, V103, sources claim that authorities know who the triggerman is and have also learned the motive behind the crime through another unrelated arrest.

During "The Ryan Cameron Show," the radio host reported that the motive for the shooting may be over a promoter mistakenly thinking he had T.I. booked for an after party. The promoter supposedly found out that he had been duped by a person who said they could secure an appearance from the rapper. When they found out that T.I. was at another party he went to the location with several other men and waited for T.I. to leave the club.

The men allegedly used a .25 caliber pistol and a 9 mm handgun in the attack on T.I. and members of Grand Hustle, including Johnson. Reportedly one of the assailants was also hit, in apparent exchanged gunfire. He escaped though, and averted detection by being treated for his wound across state lines.

Cameron went on to report that authorities are currently holding two suspects in custody and a warrant will be served on the shooter later this week.

At press time, the police have not confirmed the reports.

Tip is currently on house arrest awaiting trial in an unrelated federal weapons case.