Fat Joe Tells His Side, "We Pounded Papoose Out"

Rappers Fat Joe and Papoose have both offered their recollections of a recent altercation that allegedly took place between them. But the two stories couldn't sound more different.

The alleged fight took place in a hotel where several artists were being held for a concert in town.

Contrary to Papoose's claims, Joe says that Cassidy never invited him to his hotel. Joey said instead that he went looking for Pap when he heard they were staying at the same hotel.

"I went and I knocked on every door. 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106 ...," Joey told San Francisco radio show KMEL.

According to Joe, he walked into the room and addressed Pap.

"Do we have a problem," Joe asked? "All I wanted him to say was he don't have a problem with me, but instead Pap said, 'Why? You want it to be a problem?'"

In a prior interview with KMEL Pap claims he swung on Joe.

"I put work in on the middle of that chin," Pap said yesterday. Then according to him, seven or eight of Joey's bodyguards came at him.

Joey, on the other hand, told the radio station that they each had four guys with them, it was an even-numbered fight and Pap never even swung.

"We pounded him out," Joe claimed. "We pounded his DJ out. His DJ went to the hospital. His right hand man, his lip looked like a 18 wheeler tire. He ain't even swing back. He's balled up in the corner. I'm thinkin' he learned his lesson but I'm noticing now, you gotta really comatose these dudes for them to really learn."

Joe said that after the fight, Pap called him over and tried to clear things up.

"[He said] 'Yo, I don't want no problem I been a fan since 'Flow Joe.'" Joey mimicked Pap. Joe said the rapper lost his watch during the scuffle and asked for it back.

"How gangster is it that right after you give him the beats, you talk to him calmly for 20 minutes and explain to him why you gave him the beats," Joe said.

And he gave him a warning before he was done.

"Don't be tellin' people no lies that I was mobbed up," Joe said. "We had the same amount of people. I had 4 dudes. He had 4 dudes. They just got they ass whooped."

The two did peace things up before they parted, though.

"He just wanted to get outta there safe," Joe said. "He gave me a hug and everything."

Joe said the only reason he's coming out with his side is because Pap started talking on the net, telling the story wrong.

"Sooner or later the truth is gonna come to light," Joe said. "Gucci Mane, Cassidy and Yo Gotti were all there."

"Nobody wants to hear [Papoose], he's wack," Joey added. "But now the country knows him because he fought Fat Joe."

Fat Joe's new disc Elephant in the Room featuring Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross and Plies is due in stores March 11.

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