Three 6 Mafia Heading To Pittsburgh Court Over 2003 Assault

ImageThree 6 Mafia could visit a Pittsburgh, Pa., court as early as next month to face a subpoena from a fan who claims that associates of the rap group assaulted him during a concert last year.

Ramone Williams, 19, filed a lawsuit against the Memphis trio, alleging that two of their associates assaulted him as they performed their song "Let's Start A Riot" at the Rock Jungle Night Club on Aug. 26, 2003.

Williams, who reportedly entered the club despite being underage, said that he was thrown to the floor, stomped, kicked in the face and hit with a chair. His attackers left him with two fractures to his left jaw, as well as other injuries.

Williams filed his lawsuit in July 2005 and named the club owners and Paul "DJ Paul" Beauregard, Jordan "Juicy J" Houston and Cedric Coleman as defendants.

Williams' attorney told the Pittsburgh Gazette that the attackers were Robert "Koopsta Knicca" Cooper and Darnell "Crunchy Black" Carlton. Both men are also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Cooper was slated to appear in court this month on charges of aggravated assault and aggravated robbery, after being accused of robbing three people at gunpoint in a Memphis home and taking $7,000, a diamond ring and other items.

Three 6 Mafia recently won an Oscar for Best Original Song after group members wrote the music and lyrics for "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp," taken from the critically-acclaimed movie, Hustle & Flow.

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