Damon Wayans Loses His Fight For "Nigga"

 Damon Wayans was denied the launching of his hip-hop clothing line "Nigga," because the U.S Patent and Trademark Office called the name derogatory.

The star of the now-cancelled show "My Wife and Kids" has twice been turned down by the U.S Patent officials, who decline comment on their decision. But Paul Fleischut, a trademark attorney of St. Louis, said that the dismissal of the bid was inevitable.

"There is an act by Congress that says you cannot register a word that is scandalous or that disparages a particular group," said Fleischut. "It doesn't look good."

Wayans' New York lawyers are still pushing the case, but it seems that the officials are rigorously standing by their assessment.

This comes as no surprise, as the patent and trademark office stands piled with rejected applications from individuals requesting rights to various versions of the N-word. In 1995, Fred Harris and Marc Anthony Fitzgerald of Houston tried to trademark "Naturally Intelligent God Gifted Africans" and reverse its meaning into a vicious heap of slurs.

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