Diddy's Response To Assault Lawsuit Is ''Engulfed In Fantasy,'' Says Lawyer

Sean "Diddy" Combs continues to refute accusations he decked a partygoer in the parking lot of a post-Oscar bash last year, but lawyers for the man say 's denial of the fight is "engulfed in fantasy." According to reports from the Los Angeles Independent, earlier this month Combs filed a declaration opposing efforts by lawyers to obtain information on his financial worth.

In the document, Combs states the plaintiff Gerard Rechnitzer lunged toward him and that "any contact ...was caused by his forward motion against my open hand."

Diddy was investigated for allegedly assaulting Rechnitzer outside Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. Rechnitzer claimed the altercation started after Diddy tried to invite his fiancé to a private party. Combs was cleared of criminal charges in July, but Rechnitzer filed a civil suit last March.

In a response to Combs' declaration, filed February 20th, Rechnitzer's lawyer Michael Marzban writes, "People do not bounce off hands with their face/body, they get punched. The defense is engulfed in fantasy and not reality.''

Marzban also cites deposition testimony from four eyewitnesses in support of his assertion that Rechnitzer is entitled to punitive damages. He continues to ask that Combs turn over his financial information for an assessment of his income.

Additionally, Marzban argues that Combs' statement that Rechnitzer was not injured should be disregarded."

[Combs] is not a doctor, hence his statements regarding [Rechnitzer] being uninjured should be completely disregarded," Marzban wrote.

Marzban says that Rechnitzer has been evaluated by both a dentist and a hearing expert.

According to court papers previously filed by Marzban, in addition to allegedly hitting Rechnitzer, Combs also purportedly pushed his girlfriend and tried to spit on another woman, Marianna Ruiz. The lawsuit also alleges that, as Combs left he stuck half of his body out of a car window and stared at Rechnitzer.

In a cross-complaint against as-yet-named defendants, Combs says he is "in no way legally responsible" for what happened to Rechnitzer and that others should be required to pay damages if the plaintiff obtains a judgment.

Rechnitzer is seeking unspecified damages in the suit.