Lights, Camera, Action: H20 Film Fest Calls On Filmmakers

The Fifth Annual Hip-Hop Odyssey (H2O) International Film Festival will begin taking submissions April 1.

The festival, which will take place November 28 through December 8, attracted over 5,000 attendants, screening over 75 films in a six-day period last year. This year's theme is "Whose World Is This?," focusing on the hip-hop era of the early and mid '90s.

"In our fifth year we're celebrating the 'Golden Years,' where the '90s Hip-Hop art, rebellion, business, unity and conscious soul movements soared to the next level," Hip-Hop Association executive director Rolando Brown said via a statement. "It was a great time of diversity; different hoods, musical sounds and struggles were all being represented. At the same time people were uniting and demanding more, all for the love of Hip-Hop. We're celebrating that spirit... expect an amazing year."

Films accepted to the festival will be competing for prizes including cash, distribution deals, and inclusion in hundreds of community screenings and events. The event features films that include one of the elements of hip-hop culture in the theme, story, subject matter.

A special category titled, "Under the Influence," will include films that are relevant to the overall culture, including fashion, music, language, locations, and characters influenced by hip-hop culture.

"We use media as a tool for empowerment, education and social awareness within the Hip-Hop community, so open up your boxes, and let's get to work," said Stacey L'Air Lee, Director of the H2O media initiative, via a statement.

Filmmakers who send submissions in between March 15 and March 31, will receive an early entry discount. The regular submission deadline is June 31.

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