Shawty Lo CD Bootlegged, Rapper Says Album Missing Key Songs

 While Shawty Lo's first solo release Units in the City isn't due out until February 26, copies of the set are cropping up on street corners all over the place. Anxious fans may want to hold on to their money though, because the pirated copies of the album are missing several songs.

Lo got lucky when thieves only made out with some of the songs on his upcoming album. Noticeably missing from the bootleg track listing is the radio smash "Dey Know," as well as "Ain't Tellin,'" "That's Shawty Lo," "Got Em 4 The LO" and "Count On Me."

"Some of my new material was taken from my studio and bootlegged but what people don't know is that they don't have the real deal," Lo said via a statement. "They don't have all the songs that's going on the album. They're cheating themselves."

A member of D4L, Lo got on his solo grind after the group dropped its certified gold album Down For Life. The Atlanta rapper followed up 2005's "I'm Da Man" with a DJ Scream mixtape collaboration by the same name in 2006, selling over 40,000 copies. The two hooked up again to release "I'm Da Man Part 2," creating a big buzz for Units in the City.

Veteran ATL music personality DJ Jelly said bootlegging comes with the territory.

"People have been waiting on the product, especially with an artist like Shawty Lo, so unfortunately, bootlegging is gonna happen. And if it's out there, people are gonna buy it, they're gonna want it because he's hot in the streets."