Rappers State Their Affiliations On "Super Tuesday's" Presidential Battle

 As voters in 24 states cast their ballots for the Republican and Democratic candidates today (Feb. 5), the world is watching to see if a black man or a woman will become the Democratic nominee.

Today's contest, known as "Super Tuesday" for the many states deciding, often decides the competition. While Republican hopeful Senator John McCain is expected to leap ahead of fellow frontrunner Mitt Romney, the Democratic candidates, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are engaged in a closer battle that may not show a clear winner after today's showdown.

The Democratic race has spawned passionate arguments from many within the hip-hop community. As SOHH previously reported, Chi-Town rappers Lupe Fiasco and Rhymefest had what amounted as an e-debate, with Fiasco endorsing Clinton and Rhymfest standing behind Obama, who is the senator for Illinois.

G-Unit rapper 50 Cent recently weighed in with his thoughts on the election, telling Fox News that he's pulling for Sen. Clinton.

"I think she could do a good job," 50 said. "There's nothing bad about Obama in my eyes either, but I think Hillary would be my choice. I don't think America is ready to have a black president. I think they might kill him."

Hip-Hop favorites Common and will.i.am are also prominently featured among the actors and musicians endorsing Barack Obama in the "Yes We Can" video, which is comprised of an all-star cast including Scarlett Johansson, John Legend and Nicole Scherzinger, among others, singing and speaking along with a pre-recorded Obama delivering a stirring speech.

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