Timbaland Squashes Beef W/Scott Storch, "I Reached Out To Him & He Was Almost In Tears"

ImageAfter a public war of words, super-producer Timbaland has reportedly squashed his beef with rival hip-hop composer Scott Storch.

Timbo threw the the first punch after making a subliminal reference to Storch on "Give It To Me," the lead single off his last album, Shock Value. On the track he spit, "I'm a real producer and you just a piano man," prompting Storch to respond with "Built Like That," where he accused Tim of taking credit for beats made by other producers.

In a recent interview with "The Morning Mess" on Atlanta radio network Star 94, the Virginia native expressed that he has put all that behind him. Tim said that he just met up with Storch, in light of all the rumors surrounding Storch's financial problems, in hopes of offering a helping hand.

"I reached out to Scott just a couple days ago," he said. "Cause all this stuff I been hearing in the press about him, I just called him and said look man we been friends for so long and I'm here for you. All that stuff that I've done I'm sorry, I just know that you need a friend. And I just wanna be there for you cause I know people turn their backs on you." [Listen Here]

"I reached out to him and went over to his house and he was almost in tears cause he thought I would be the last person that would call him," he added. "When he went against me he said that that shut a lot of doors for him."

During the candid interview Timbo offered some insight into how the beef started.

"It was all competition but it became personal cause, you know Scott got caught up into the Hollywood lifestyle," he explained. "You know he wants to be this Don and I told Scott, as a friend stop trying to please people because it's gonna backfire on you and people are gonna start talking about you. Don't try to be like me and be up in the press. Don't try to be this superstar because there's only gonna be a handful of superstars. Like I love you. Don't do that I don't wanna see you go down cause a lot of people got down this way...Just be that great producer. Like all these big time producers that are big just behind the scenes. That's who you are."

Timbo also described how the birth of his daughter has made him a more positive person.

"I been blessed this year," he explained. "I'm a whole different type of man. I had a daughter this year, so it's just like my whole life has changed. I want to help people. I don't have no animosity. I never was against Scott. That was my friend. It was more of a competitive thing that I was going against Scott. It was nothing personal."

"I just try to be there for Scott," he added, "cause you know all this negative press I hear about him and everyone like 'I see your man going broke, he doing this' I'm like I don't wanna hear that. I don't wanna hear nothing negative. That's my friend."

The innovative producer, who is up for a Grammy nod this year for his work behind the boards, even went as far as saying that he regretted ever dissing Storch in the first place.

"I definitely regret saying that," he admitted, "because it was always on my conscious because I was so blessed in everything that I was doing and I didn't want God to do something towards me for taking my high power and the position I am in the world and turn it against me. Like 'don't get above yourself' and I feel like I was really getting above myself."

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