'American Gangster' Wins At The SAG Awards

 Snubbed by the Oscars, American Gangster faired slightly better for recognition at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards last night (Jan 27).

The Denzel Washington flick based on the true story of '70s Harlem heroin king Frank Lucas was slighted at the Oscars, with not a single nomination as a film while Washington was passed over for a Best Actor nod.

Ruby Dee's performance though continues to garner accolades. Dee played Lucas' mother in Gangster and was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscars.

She won that same category at the SAG Awards, beating out Cate Blanchett in I'm Not There, Catherine Keener in Into the Wild, Amy Ryan in Gone Baby Gone and Tilda Swinton in Michael Clayton.

American Gangster was also up for the SAG ensemble cast prize -- with notable appearances by Russell Crowe and rappers T.I., Common and The Rza -- but lost out to No Country For Old Men.

The SAG Awards went on despite the fact the Writer's Guild of America is currently on strike. The organization granted the awards ceremony a waiver to proceed without picketing. The Golden Globes show was nixed after the Guild denied the awards show a waiver, with actors saying they wouldn't cross a WGA picket line to attend.

The writers strike is poised to change the format of the entire Hollywood awards season. The fate of the Oscars is still up in the air, but the awards ceremony is scheduled for Feb 24 at the Kodak Theater in LA.