Uncle Murda Shot, Refuses To Cooperate: "Murda Don't Deal W/ No Police"

 Roc-A-Fella rapper Uncle Murda has checked himself out of the hospital yesterday (Jan. 22) after being shot in the head on Tuesday (Jan. 22).

"That's Uncle Murda, he don't die," Murda's manager Hood said.

By law, the hospital has to notify police whenever a shooting victim is treated. But the rapper, who's latest release is ironically titled "Respect the Shooter," is keeping mum about who did the shooting or even if it's known who the trigger man is.

"The police know about as much as you know, nothin'," Hood said. "Uncle Murda don't deal with no police, he deals with the streets. We don't talk to police."

Murda (born Leonard Grant) called into the New York radio show The Wendy Williams Experience yesterday and said he was self medicating with Hennessy and Newports.

Though someone may have tried to kill him, it's business as usual for the rapper. His manager said he's in the studio every night, just like he always is and didn't stop recording until the wee hours of this morning.

Murda's still on track for a Def Jam release this year and has put out two mixtapes with DJ Green Lantern "Uncle 2 Hard For Hip-Hop" and "Respect The Shooter."